North Carolina’s education challenges

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Many discussions and town halls later, community action leaders have identified the following as challenges to education in North Carolina:

  • Disconnection between Head Start, one of our country’s most successful early child care programs and the public school system
  • Lack of effective communication between parents and teachers
  • Over-zealous act of suspending students from school
  • Increased rate of high school dropouts
  • Poor student/teacher ratios in the classroom
  • Lack of students being motivated to learn
  • Children being passed along without being prepared for the next grade level
  • Parents not being supportive of teachers and the learning environment
  • Lack of funding and resources for education
  • Language barriers
  • Out of date textbooks
  • Lack of students receiving balanced and nutritious meals
  • Barriers as a result of generational poverty and parental involvement
  • Lack of financial literacy and interviewing skills
  • Limited awareness regarding collaboration opportunities
  • Lack of the school’s response to community needs
  • Lack of opportunities for students outside the public school age margin
  • Lack of job readiness programs

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