Face to Face With Poverty Essay Contest Winners Announced

Kayla Dunston

Top prizes have been announced and posted for the “Every Child is a Winner,” Face to Face With Poverty essay contest. Youth participants ranging from ages 6 to 18 were challenged to answer the question: “How Can I Help End Poverty?” for cash prizes of up to $500. The statewide contest was held during the month of May to coincide with National Community Action Month. Essay contest winners are: 

  • (Age 6-9): Jonathan Tucker (1st); Erieyana Holloway (2nd); Matthew McCowan II (3rd)
  • (Age 10-13): Treasure Rouse (1st); Kristen Gilyard (2nd); Makayla Carmichael (3rd)
  • (Age 14-18): Kayla Dunston (1st); Jordan Wright (2nd); Nina Dunn (3rd) 

There are 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize cash awards in each of the three age categories. First place winners will receive $500; 2nd place winners will receive $250; and 3rd place winners will receive $125. Every child who submitted an essay will receive a “Face to Face With Poverty” T-shirt or button. 

Sharon Goodson, executive director of the North Carolina Community Action Association, said, “Poverty is everybody’s business, and that means children too. Every child is a winner, and we wanted to reinforce that message through this contest.” In North Carolina, more than 1.6 million children, elderly, disabled and low-income individuals are impacted by poverty. In North Carolina, one in four children lives in poverty. Goodson said, “Twenty-five percent of children in this state live in poverty, which means they have a unique perspective on that experience. We wanted to give them a voice and include them in the process of finding solutions to eradicate poverty.” 

How can you help? Share the contest results with your family and friends. Share information about NCCAA, an organization that gives voice to the needs, concerns and stories of the state’s disadvantaged and low-income citizens. To learn more about how you can help and TAKE ACTION, visit www.nccaa.net


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